Publishing for the World

creative commons licensed (BY-SA) flickr photo by mrkrndvs:
creative commons licensed (BY-SA) flickr photo by mrkrndvs:

In an interesting article for Wired, Clive Thompson outlines why even the worst bloggers are making us smarter. Beyond the discussion of networks and the development of new ideas, Thompson explains that the power of publishing lies in the change of how we see our work. When we publish to a wider audience, even if this is only ten people, we think about things more deeply. As Thompson states, “the effort of communicating to someone else forces you to pay more attention and learn more.” This is why I encourage publishing your thinking in a more open way.

Going beyond Thompson’s call to think out loud, I wonder about the benefit of publishing simply for yourself or a teacher. I am sure that if I think about it that there are many things that I do for myself, like creating music and writing stories. The question though is why? To me there is something missing in keeping these creations hidden. In putting them out there, I not only allow others to enjoy them, but also open up the possibility of different sources of feedback for improvement, which is the purpose of assessment isn’t it?

Extending this idea of publishing and improving, Anthony Speranza has created a simple but effective graphic organiser that helps to highlight our impact:

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