CHANGING MEDIA: Final Products

For Changing Media this term, students decided on their own project to plan and produce that would impact the world in some way. This included considering audience, purpose, medium, engagement and success. Below is a collection of some of the products:


This is the web browser created using Microsoft Visual Studio. The purpose behind it was to explore the possibility of creating your own browser from scratch. It involved a lot of tinkering and testing of such things as tabs and custom home page.


Superior Men is a magazine/guide for men who need or want a better lifestyle and want help with achieving that goal. Some of the challenges were what to actually include in a magazine. This was overcome by looking at different examples and getting ideas from there.


The purpose was to inform people about how charities work and the time and effort that is put into making them happen. Some of the challenges faced were finding the answers the questions raised, such as how they create a team. This was worked around by talking with people involved with charities about their experience.



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