YEAR 7 ICT: What If We Never Used Technology?


Creative Commons License Biblioteca General Antonio Machado (Fondo Antiguo y AH) · Universidad de Sevilla via Compfight

To engage students with ICT this term, we started off with the ‘what if’ question to get them thinking about how they use technology. Here is a list of some of the consequences:

  • We have to read books to learn
  • Harder to research and complete homework. it will take more time
  • Can’t communicate on social media and would have to rely on face-to-face
  • There would be no ‘cyber bullying’, just bullying
  • No online games and websites
  • Limited community
  • We wouldn’t know how to use technology
  • Our generation wouldn’t function as well as now since our generation relies on computers and technology
  • Less efficient
  • There would be a drop in population because you wouldn’t be able to cook things
  • Would have to rely on sending letters or talking in person
  • There won’t be scams
  • We would not have ICT as a subject
  • Our human brain would not be as evolved
  • The hospitals would not be the same as there would not be the scans and machines
  • We wouldn’t be able to view videos and photos
  • Would not know what is happening around the world
  • Would not know how to type
  • It would be something that will eventually be discovered
  • We would return to cavemen and women
  • A return to the steam age
  • No TV or radio

It was an interesting discussion and the conversation afterwards really highlighted how much we depend upon technology. The only activity that we came up with that did not involve technology was the conversation we had.

What about you? Is there anything that you would add to this? Feel free to leave a comment.

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