CHANGING MEDIA: Wicked Questions

09-217 - AD - San Diego 244 Reality Changers via Compfight

To begin Changing Media this semester, students to pose questions that related to changing nature of media. The students went above and beyond with what they provided:

  • What is the purpose of change media?
  • How does media support and connect people?
  • How did media change?
  • What is with Snap chat, how does it change media?
  • What jobs will there be in the media industry in the future?
  • What is the purpose of changing media?
  • Are people on-line the same as in real life?
  • Where do we draw the line on media?
  • Why do people use the internet in a bad corrupt way?
  • What is the next what if?
  • Why do people like a Swedish man screaming at a computer swearing? And why does he have over a third of a tenth of a billion people subscribing to him?
  • What would we be doing in change media that will help with my future career of being a film director?
  • Why is media such a big part of our lives and why do we need to change it?
  • Can media give you a good job, to have a nice lifestyle?
  • Can media be given to everyone for free?
  • Will media enhance the way we live in the future?
  • How has society changed across the years?
  • Will people in the media say that heavy metal is the devil in the future?
  • What exactly is media?
  • Why do we have media/why is it important?
  • How and why does media change?
  • What is entertaining in the future?
  • Are we killing entertaining with media?
  • do you have to pay to copy right material?
  • what’s the difference between patron and copyright?
  • if I made a chocolate and added green to purple would it be copy right?
  • does china have the same copy right as Australia?


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